Cutting time in the pool is difficult. The shorter the event, the more difficult it is. Tenths of a second in the 50-yard freestyle are considered a major improvement and many swimmers never make improvements in increments larger than that. So when Douglas senior Jack Winslow shaved nearly a full second off his 50-yard freestyle swim and nearly 45 seconds off his 500-yard freestyle swim in Lander on Friday, it capped off a banner day of season bests for the Douglas swimmers.

“From the first day of practice to this season to the Lander and Riverton meets, everybody cut time in their events,” Winslow said. “It is so cool to see how much everybody has already improved.”

Winslow may have shown the most dramatic single-week improvement for boys, but the team got better across the board in just seven days. Wood held a stroke clinic during Tuesday’s practice that appears to have made a huge difference already.

“We just really honed in on some things in practice and worked with a lot of the newer boys on technique,” she said. “James Byerly cut 6 or 7 seconds in the 100 free, Andrew Harmon cut 40 seconds in the (100-yard) back(stroke)... I think we’re on track this season to really get the boys in shape and ready for everything that comes.”

Cuevas qualifies again

Senior Jeffrey Cuevas is already having a banner year in the pool and over the weekend qualified in a handful of additional events. In Lander, Cuevas added the 50 free and the 100-yard butterfly to his roster of possible swims at the state meet, and crushed his season-best time in the 200-yard individual medley by more than 6 seconds, while also qualifying in the 100-yard breaststroke in Riverton on Saturday. In total, Cuevas has qualified for five events just three meets into the season.

“He swam 4 seconds or more under qualifying (in the 100 breast),” Wood said. “The breastroke is not his strongest event, but he really just went out and killed it.”

Lander Quad

Team scores

1) Lander, 282; 2) Sublette County, 244; 3) Cody, 224; 4) Douglas, 183

Individual scores

200 free: 12) Ian Harford, 2:38.60

200 IM: 6) Malachy Lehnen, 2:53.20; 7) Sage Perry, 3:20.66

50 free: 1) Jeffrey Cuevas, 25.52; 3) Jack Winslow, 27.70; 5) Kal Thompson, 31.86; 7) James Byerly, 34.51; 8) Gregory Brown, 35.61

1-meter diving: 2) Thompson, 107.80

100 fly: 1) Cuevas, 1:00.45

100 free: 8) Ronnan McPherson, 1:06.81; 11) Perry, 1:18.67

500 free: 3) Winslow, 6:48.16; 4) Brown, 9:43.80

200 free relay: 3) Andrew Harmon, Harford, Byerly, McPherson, 2:27.79

100 back: 9) Lehnen, 1:14.03

400 free relay: 6) Cuevas, Perry, Lehnen, Winslow, 4:29.44

Riverton Invite

Team scores

1)Powell, 315; 2) Worland, 256; 3) Riverton, 243; 4) Cody, 171; 4) Sublette County, 171; 6) Douglas, 102

Individual scores

200 medley relay: 9) Winslow, Harford, Cuevas, Lehnen, 2:15.81

200 free: 9) Winslow, 2:31.54; 14) Byerly, 2:59.93

200 IM: 2) Cuevas, 2:16.53

50 free: 11) Lehnen, 27.60; 24) Perry, 32.53; 26) Brown, 36.98; 29) Harmon, 49.88

1-meter dive: 10) Thompson, 86.05

100 free: 14) Harford, 1:11.74; 18) Byerly, 1:23.07; 19) Thompson, 1:26.47

500 free: 7) Lehnen, 7:25.00; 8) McPherson, 7:36.77

200 free relay: 9) Harmon, Harford, Perry, Cuevas, 2:06.83

100 back: 10) Winslow, 1:17.63; 13) McPherson, 1:22.44; 17) Brown, 1:53.89; 19) Harmon, 2:11.53

100 breast: 4) Cuevas, 1:12.11; 17) Perry, 1:41.60; 18) Harford, 1:49.48

400 free relay: 8) Byerly, McPherson, Lehnen, Winslow, 4:43.73

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