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Freshman Nate Halquist drives the ball to the net, as junior Kyle Igo eyes his path, in the first quarter.

As the fourth quarter clock ticked down Friday, it was clear the home game against Rawlins would go into overtime after the Outlaws hit a three-pointer with eight seconds left.

But now wasn’t the time for self-doubt for the Bearcats. Cameryn Spence, who never wastes the opportunity to fire his team up, especially in front of a hometown crowd, clapped his hands and amped up his teammates.

And Douglas stepped up to the challenge, outscoring Rawlins 10-6 in overtime with a vital three-pointer made by Spence and four free throws by Kyle Igo to overcome them 71-67.

“It was nice having a game in front of fans again,” head coach Chase Plumb said. “We had the band and the students section was just awesome.”

The Bearcats didn’t let the momentum fade either, traveling to beat Burns 53-25 Saturday.

Against Rawlins, Spence had a really good game, Plumb pointed out.

“He was just being his normal pesky self on defense. He was kind of that guy he’s been all year, doing whatever we need of him,” Plumb said.

Spence had four defensive and two offensive rebounds and scored 14 points in the game.

Plumb also highlighted Garet Porter, who had seven defensive and four offensive rebounds.

“He kind of took away any inside presence (Rawlins) had and dominated the zone defensively,” he said.

Plumb explained that his team focused on running a zone defense against the Outlaws to force them to take outside shots.

“We didn’t allow them to get to the rim and get easy buckets, which (Rawlins) is really good at,” he said.

Against Burns Saturday, Plumb said the Bearcats transitioned into a man defense to speed them up and make their guards make more decisions under pressure.

“Offensively we were kind of sloppy,” Plumb admitted. “We were kind of slow, we didn’t catch the ball very well. But it was kind of a learning moment. If you have a slow game offensively, you can make up for it with defensive effort.”

Plumb highlighted Cody Micke’s playing during the game.

“He passed the ball well, scored some points for us,” Plumb said. “That Burns game just really fit his style of play and he got some opportunities for us.”

Micke got four rebounds and two assists against Burns.

Douglas will host Wheatland Thursday before traveling to face Torrington Friday. Both are non-conference games.

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