Olsen, Collins net All-State, All-Conference

Bump. Set. Spike. The Lady Cats volleyball squad defied expectations this season by earning a trip to the state tournament, and along the way put together an outstanding season. Here’s a breakdown of the stat leaders for the Lady Cats.

All statistics courtesy of MaxPreps.


● Allison Olsen, senior (first All-State award)

“Allie was a huge piece of our success this year,” said coach Kassidy Johnson. “She was a strong threat at the net as well as in her defense...Her All-Conference and All-State awards were absolutely earned. She was another great leader for our team and we will miss her versatility and strong arm swing.”


● Chloe Collins, senior (second All-Conference award)

“Chloe is one of the best liberos on our side,” Johnson said. “We were lucky to have a talented player like her to make up the bulk of our defense . . . Her All-Conference award was very well deserved but an All-Conference award doesn’t quite scratch the surface of what she did for our team this year.”

Lady Cats statistical leaders


● Allison Olsen, senior — 263 kills on 730 attempts, 104 errors, .218 H%

● Paige Reese, junior — 201 kills on 674 attempts, 148 errors, .079 H%

● Grayci Dahl, senior — 172 kills on 507 attempts, 116 errors, .110 H%

● Leticia DeGracia, junior — 161 kills on 447 attempts, 71 errors, .201 H%

● Taylor Maxwell, sophomore — 121 kills on 331 attempts, 81 errors, .121 H%


● Chloe Collins, senior — 57 aces on 374 attempts, 23 errors, .939 S%

● Grayci Dahl — 49 aces on 316 attempts, 75 errors, .763 S%

● Allison Olsen — 46 aces on 405 attempts, 26 errors, .936 S%

● Leticia DeGracia — 39 aces on 242 attempts, 42 errors, .826 S%

● Nevaeh Spilski, senior — 19 aces on 204 attempts, 22 errors, .892 S%

Digs and Assists

● Lauren Olsen, freshman — 504 assists, 218 digs, 63 dig errors

● Chloe Collins — 605 digs, 123 dig errors, 27 assists

● Allison Olsen — 414 digs, 97 dig errors

● Emily Smith, senior —  196 digs, 58 dig errors, 184 assists

● Paige Reese — 137 digs, 43 dig errors


● Leticia DeGracia — 106 blocks (70 solo), 57 block errors

● Taylor Maxwell — 91 blocks (51 solo), 47 block errors

● Grayci Dahl — 56 blocks (28 solo), 28 block errors

● Lauren Olsen — 34 blocks (24 solo), 11 block errors

● Paige Reese — 26 blocks (14 solo), 11 block errors

Volleyball statistical definitions

Attack: any time the ball is sent to the opponent’s side of the court after a serve

Kill: Awarded when a ball sent to opponent’s side is unreturnable as a direct result of an attack

Dig: When a player successfully receives an attacked ball and plays it to a teammate or to the opponent’s side of the court

Block: When a defender deflects an attacked ball back at the opponent leading directly to a point

Ace: When a serve leads directly to a point, either because it is unreturnable or forces an opponent to commit an error

Assist: When a player passes or sets a ball leading to a kill

Error: Any attempt to perform an attack, dig, serve, service return, or block which leads to a point for the opposition, often in the form of violations such as a double hit or hitting a ball into the net

Hitting percentage (H%): The number of kills minus the number of attack errors, divided by the total number of attack attempts. Similar to a batting average, this shows how effective a player is on offense. A hitting percentage above .200 would place a player in the top 25% of attackers in 3A

Serve percentage (S%): The number of service errors minus the number of service attempts divided by the total number of attempts. This metric shows the effectiveness of a player’s serve. A serve percentage greater than .900 would place servers in the upper echelon of players in 3A

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