Kanyon Cecil

Junior Kanyon Cecil dodges Torrington defenders while heading up the field during last Friday's Homecoming game against the TrailBlazers.


The hopes for an undefeated season were put to rest Friday night in front of an amped up homecoming crowd. Now they are asking: how can they recover.

The Torrington Trailblazers brought their high-caliber offense to town. Having only one loss for the season, the powerhouse from Star Valley meant this week’s match up was going to be difficult for the Bearcats. And come they did, working Douglas over in a 41-0 rout.

“We just need to do what the coaches teach. This game taught us we need to be more physical and unite as a team,” senior lineman Dallas Wik said.

Wik knows about being resilient and rolling with the punches. When Wik was 16 years old, he was on a hunting trip when deer were flushed out of a nearby thicket. Wik was shot by another hunter during the commotion. He didn’t notice the bullet go clean through his abdomen, the adrenalin still pumping through his veins.

Wik continued to walk around for a couple minutes and realized something just wasn’t right. He lifted up his shirt up and saw the bleeding hole in his body.

Fortunately, the bullet that went clean through his abdomen area and avoided hitting any of his vital organs.

At 6 a.m. the next morning young Wik was back in the field hunting again. He brings that resilience to the field. The loss this week bothers Wik, but he is determined to bounce back and get into the game.


Coach Jay Rhoades saw this game as an upsetting loss but not a setback.

“We still control our own destiny as far as the playoffs are concerned,” coach Rhoades said. “We need to have some individuals to step up and become play makers. And after dissecting the tapes he feels his team of coaches are prepared for the challenge that lies ahead.”

The test of the Bearcats ability to refocus will be at home again this week against the Lander Valley Tigers Oct. 13 at 7 p.m.

Rhoades isn’t worried about the games ahead. He has the confidence in his team.

“I believe this group is very resilient and will bounce back,” Rhoades said.

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